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Simple Salesforce

Increase your revenue by automating Salesforce

We automate your repetitive tasks so you can focus on what actually matters in your business.

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It’s like getting an extra sales rep without needing an extra desk

Set up a lead process with Salesforce automation. Auto-capture every detail. Pull in information from other systems. Close more deals, quicker.

We Deliver Results. Period.

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Salesforce Projects

20% increase in productivity

15% reduction in operational costs

10% increase in revenue

What We Do

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Process Automation

Reduce your operational costs by automating all your manual steps in Salesforce

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Data & Analytics

Bridge data gaps, speed up insights, and enhance your ability to anticipate change

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Platform Integration

Utilize our expertise with over 100 apps to create a customized solution for your business

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Managed Support

Allow our certified Salesforce administrators to supervise, maintain, and enhance your current Salesforce setup


Data Migration

Import all your data from your existing CRM to be in sync with the Salesforce suite of products

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Process Design

Imagine a new way for your organization to work with modern tools and efficient processes


How much will my project cost?

Costs vary based on project scope and specific needs, which is why we offer a free consultation call to discuss & verify we will be a good fit for you.

When should I hire a consultant?

Hire a consultant when you need manual steps automated, you're unsure of how to fully utilize your Salesforce or need customization to meet your business needs.

How will you work with me on my project?

The process starts with your free consultation call to assess needs, then a proposed contract & term sheet for review, upon approval, we begin work. Simple & quick!

What others are saying about us...

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Carol Jiang

VP of Operations @ Overjet

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Jordan has been incredible to work ​with. He has played a major role in ​building the foundations of our ​Salesforce GTM engine, both on the ​Marketing and CS sides, and the ​impact he has made has been ​significant. His Salesforce and ​Pardot experience runs deep and ​his knowledgeable experience, in ​addition to patient and ​communicative style, has enabled ​us to move fast with high quality. ​Thank you Jordan for all of your ​partnership - hope our paths cross ​again!

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Dalton Chaney

Operations Lead @ Exencial Wealth

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Simple Salesforce and Jordan are ​excellent to work with. They provide ​top tier support both in the ​creation of Salesforce flows and ​automation, as well education on ​why and how they do what they do. ​If you are looking for someone to ​learn your Salesforce environment ​and create tailored solutions for ​you, there is no better option than ​Simple Salesforce. They are quick, ​high-quality, and incredibly ​responsive.

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Ci​ndy Gonzales

VP of Marketin​g @ Engrain

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Jordan is a fantastic contributor to ​an array of Salesforce efforts. We ​worked together during my time as ​a VP of Marketing at a PropTech ​startup. They needed to organize ​their sales data in order to go to ​market with marketing efforts. ​Jordan was able to straddle the ​sales, marketing and data ops ​teams to get the information ​required to execute the vision/goal ​of each project. I value his expertise ​and ability to get things done so ​efficiently.

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